BEAST research system

Research system on mining and contaminated site remediation technologies for the LfULG Saxony.

Within the framework of the EU project "Vita-Min", a research system on remediation technologies is being set up. It serves as a professional work aid for experts and authorities in the fields of mining and contaminated site remediation. The system is named by the acronym BEAST (Bergbau-Altlasten-SanierungsTechnologien)

BEAST Anwendung
BEAST Application

The completed application has a modern web design that meets the requirements of the LfULG (Stylguide Saxony) and is characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness. This includes short loading times, simple and intuitive usability, clear and well-structured navigation, platform independence (executable in all modern browsers) and compliance with established standards (linking of the logo with the start page, fonts & sizes, link identification, etc.)

In the application special attention is paid to the search functionality. For the professional user it should be possible to find specific procedures from the contaminated sites or mining sector.

The BEAST system is implemented in a three-tier architecture. This consists of a data layer, which contains the data storage in a relational database (Microsoft SQL Server). As a second layer, the logic layer is implemented with the server-side framework ASP.NET Core 3.0 (MVC). The presentation layer is implemented on the server side using the ASP.NET Core Framework as well as client-side web programming .

For the required data migration, an automated process was preferred in the project by transferring the transferred Excel files with the ETL software Talend into the BEAST database.