Geoinformation systems

VisDat offers services around conception, design and development of software with focus on geoinformatics and geoinformation systems (GIS). We support authorities and companies in the development of Spatial data infrastructures (SDI), their spatial data management and the introduction and further development of GIS in existing IT landscapes.

Furthermore, we realize GIS analyses in areas such as infrastructure planning, geomarketing, environment, agriculture and logistics. Depending on the task, numerous techniques can be applied. Often these are combined with automation solutions, and tasks of data conversion and presentation of results.

Geoinformationssysteme in der Landwirtschaft

Geoinformation systems in agriculture

Geoinformation systems can process geodata in various dimensions. Currently, the "classic" representation in a 2D map layer is still the most common. With increasing information density of geodata (e.g. 3D building data, infrastructure data, precision farming, robotics, data from driver assistance systems), 3D or even 4D-GIS become more relevant. In addition, an increasing integration of GIS with conventional technologies can be seen.

The trend in the processing and management of spatial data is to generate ever greater added value from ever greater volumes of data, with increasingly complex evaluation methods. Advances in sensor technology, whether in smartphones, cars, refrigerators 🙂 or on satellite platforms, produce data streams that are processed in real time. GIS is also becoming a crucial element in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies.

The knowledge gained from geodata leads to geoinformation that is becoming increasingly relevant for business and political decisions. Geoinformation in connection with infrastructure planning, environmental issues, social and health policy, demography and statistics is becoming an essential element of many decision-making processes at the municipal, state and federal level.

In the meantime, commercial or open source GIS solutions have established themselves in numerous industries. The technical GIS basics are very similar, despite all the differences in the specialist disciplines. Therefore our company, VisDat GmbH, offers services for GIS and GIS programming for different industries.