Kompetenzen - Übersicht

Competences - an overview (in German)

The ever-changing digitalisation process poses a major challenge for many companies and public authorities and requires extensive technical and social skills. We are a service office that can adapt curiously and flexibly to new ways of working to meet these challenges. We approach the tasks we are set with a lot of analytical understanding and a broadly based way of thinking. In doing so, we have the ability to constantly rethink our own approaches to problem solving and thus to arrive at optimal solutions for our customers.

Technical skills

Our technical knowledge in the field of GIS software development enables us to find solutions even for difficult tasks. We can use proven and widely used technologies. These include relational databases, programming with languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Python and C# (especially with ASP.NET Core) as well as the use of GIS and GIS-API's. Complex calculation routines can be solved using innovative technologies of High Performance Computing . We also build advanced Microservice architectures via container virtualization with Docker.





Software Architecture

Other fields of technology