Software development

Softwareentwicklung - ASP NET Core Projekt

Software development - ASP NET Core Project

In the environmental and geosciences, the software development of IT systems is playing an increasingly important role. The complexity of the systems is constantly increasing with the growing computing power and data volume. We offer software development in the GIS environment. We are specialized in the automation of GIS workflows and in the development of web and desktop applications.

We particularly follow the development process of agile software development. This is characterized by high transparency and flexibility towards the client and leads to a fast practical use of the developed systems. We try to minimize the bureaucratic effort and to be able to react quickly to changing requirements during the software development by an iterative approach.

In order to process the ever-increasing amounts of data, we increasingly apply deep learning technologies and High Performance Computing (parallel processing and graphics card processing) in our projects. We have many years of experience in dealing with spatial information systems and bring this to bear in the realisation of software projects. Our fields of work in software development are mainly: