Consulting, conception and design of individual GIS software

VisDat geodatentechnologie GmbH offers services around the conception, design and development of software with a focus on geoinformatics and geographic information systems (GIS).

In close cooperation with our customers we develop the professional and technical requirements for individual GIS software. This also includes the actual state analysis and the potential analysis of existing systems. Taking structural and organisational conditions into account, we advise you on technical solution strategies for geodata processing and the ever-increasing demands on the usability of spatial information systems.

In order to build innovative systems, the orientation of the hardware to the processing of spatial data must also be taken into account. Depending on the data types and quantities as well as the objectives of the system, different hardware configurations (distributed systems, processors, hard disks, graphics cards, etc.) may be appropriate.

Another important field of work is the support in the search for relevant commercial and freely available geodata.