Environmental modelling

Genestete Modellierungsansätze im Miyun Einzugsgebiet / China

Nested modelling approaches in the Miyun catchment area / China

In the field of environmental modelling we often work on the topics water balance, soil erosion, sediment and nutrient transfers as well as diffuse and point source pathways in river basins.

With our model STOFFBILANZ we carry out modelling of water balance, soil erosion and nutrient transfers (especially nitrate and phosphorus). The analysis of the results and disscusions within project groups are facilitated by WebGIS applications.

River basin management, especially in the course of the WFD requires complex and integrated considerations of the systemic and spatio-temporal relationships in the form of modelling. With the development of transdisciplinary model systems, competing objectives and measures are to be represented, so that under the condition of economic and social acceptance, the water management, agro-economic and ecological requirements can be implemented. In addition to understanding the complexity of catchment-related issues, such model approaches aim to develop suitable and accepted programmes of measures. Our activities in the field of environmental modelling can be divided as follows: