Development and Research

Using our database, GIS and programming environments and our professional know-how, we bring methods from the fields of environmental analysis, assessment and ecosystem services into practice.

  • Regression analytical methods for the simulation of area discharges
  • Day-based simulation of water flows
  • Simulation of the soil water balance
  • Evaporation calculations (among others FAO-ET0, FAO-ETc)
  • Simulation of groundwater residence times (Darcy)
  • Calculation of the retention of sediments and nutrients in surface waters
  • Day- and year-based simulation of soil erosion by water (USLE, M-USLE)
  • Simulation of sediment input into surface waters
  • Simulation of dissolved and particle-bound material inputs into leachate, groundwater and surface water
  • Simulation of measure effect potentials for dissolved and particle-bound substance inputs
  • GIS-supported relief analysis
  • Digital satellite image evaluation
  • Production of digital soil maps and soil information systems
  • Application of multivariate geostatistical methods