Our services focus on the programming of WebGIS and desktop GIS applications as well as the realization of procedures in the field of high-performance computing.


A WebGIS is a geographic information system that uses the runtime environment of the web browser. Compared to desktop GIS, it has the great advantage that it is not limited to one workstation, but can be used by a large number of Internet users. In various industries WebGIS has established itself as a viewer for the presentation of geodata, often from Geodatabases. Furthermore, it is our goal to realize programming for business processes and workflows in individual web solutions.

Geodata is usually displayed in the web browser in map form. For this purpose we use the now widely developed frameworks of OpenLayers,Leaflet or the Google Maps API. In the future, 3-D representations of geodata will occupy an increasingly large space. We extend the existing applications to 3-D WebGL and openLayers-Cesium. Another current requirement is the application of the so-called “responsive Webdesign”, so that mobile devices can also receive optimized representations of the content.

We have our own web servers specialized in geodata processing and can therefore cover the server-side requirements of WebGIS. These include the creation of OGC web services with map server and geoserver, PDF map creation, geostatistics with R, route planning, geodata storage, the provision of Web Processing Services (WPS), ...


The desktop GIS available today, whether proprietary or open source, offer a wide range of sophisticated functionalities for processing geodata from a wide variety of industries. Nevertheless, the desktop GIS programming of specialized shells, i.e. a GIS application tailored to a specific field of work, is a recurring requirement. For industry-specific workflows, functionalities can be combined, superfluous functionalities can be omitted and graphical user interfaces can be individually designed to enable effective work. Examples can be:

VisDat geodatentechnologie GmbH supports you in implementing your individual GIS solutions: